Our Volunteers

Sarmad Ali

Director LAW

Sarmad Ali received his legal education in the United Kingdom. He has been practicing law at High Courts of Pakistan and acting as Executive Director of Legal Awareness Watch Pakistan since 2013. He avowedly supports the abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment practices upon juveniles and vulnerable prisoners in Pakistan.

Abdul Rauf Malik


Abdul Rauf Malik is veteran human rights activist for past three decades. He is one of the founding members of LAW as well. He adds his expertise in on-going projects of Legal Awareness Watch Pakistan. 

Shoukat Saleem

Senior Accountant

Shoukat Saleem retired from Auditor General Office of Pakistan in 2016. He adds his expertise and experience in financial management of resources of Legal Awareness Watch Pakistan

Sehrish Butt


Sehrish Butt is associated with LAW as a volunteer. She keenly takes apart in awareness-raising advocacy on juvenile justice, and oversees some managerial matters of LAW Pakistan.

Akbar Chaman


Imran Ali is volunteering with as when required basis to administer, and control logistical matters associated with awareness-raising advocacy sessions on the Juvenile Justice System Act 2018.

Adnan Javed


Adnan Javed is trained to be a clerical staff. He oversees individual cases of juveniles who have been receiving legal assistance from LAW across Punjab.