Juvenile Justice Network Pakistan

What we do

JJNP came into existence under the vision “Implementation of Juvenile Justice System Act (JJSA) 2018, only JJSA 2018 but whole JJSA 2018.” JJNP is to safeguarding juveniles those held in prisons of Pakistan and children facing violence or discrimination. JJSA 2018 repealed Juvenile Justice Ordinance (JJSO) 2000 for social re-integration & rehabilitation of juveniles those who found themselves in conflict with law. JJNP in consultation with governmental departments makes that child friendly policies and laws be promulgated across Pakistan. JJNP believes that juvenile offenders who have been languishing in 104 prisons of Pakistan shall be given their due human rights despite being in prisons, and discharge from prisons on probation or parole (if sentenced) on basis of non-penal social engineering doctrine. JJNP campaign and lobby across Pakistan in collaboration with local and international groups on the abolition of barbaric and inhuman punishment upon vulnerable prisons and those having lack of mental capacity i.e. children.


What is JJNP

Juvenile Justice Network Pakistan (JJNP) comprised of civil society organizations, policemen, individuals, and social sector non-governmental departments joined under the umbrella of Legal Awareness Watch (LAW) in the year 2020 for the implementation of juvenile justice system Act 2018, and laws promulgated for the protection of destitute and neglected children across Pakistan.

national Secretariat

LAW in consultation with National Action Committee comprised of NGOs and individuals administered its affairs. The National Secretariat of JJNP shall be located in the office of LAW in Lahore,

Area of Operation

JJNP functions in Punjab, and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. However, subject to availability of resources and staff JJNP may enhance its operations to other parts of Pakistan in coming years in collaboration with its existing partners within Pakistan.


Pursuant to international norms team members of LAW after having extensive discussion with stakeholders including civil society organizations across Pakistan recommended having a network to send forceful message to the decision-making corners of the State of Pakistan to fulfill its international obligations rising under CRC and effectively implementing all provisions of JJSA 2018 across Pakistan at all levels. JJNP will not solely promote implementation of JJSA 2018 across Pakistan would also promote implementation of international obligations rising under General Comment No. 10 & 21 and enforce other domestic laws i.e. Destitute and Neglected Children Act 2004 (amended) in Pakistan.


JSA 2018 was introduced to strengthen criminal law system of juvenile justice across Pakistan in light of Conventions and Treaties on the subject of Children those which had been ratified & signed by the State of Pakistan particularly United Nations Convention on Rights of Child (CRC) which the State of Pakistan ratified and Sindh in 1990. Despite such ratification children have often subjected to violence, and discriminated within prisons of Pakistan in general across Pakistan. In recent past people below the age of 18-year subjected to mass incarceration and gallows in sheer violation of international norms and precedents. Hence, formation of JJNP in the year 2020 happened to challenging barbarism & infliction of violence upon children in future across Pakistan and affirming that children shall be treated as humans.


JJNP membership is free for civil society groups, organizations, network of organisations, trade unions, lawyers and/or judges associations, individuals and social welfare departments in and out of Pakistan. Any of those may apply for seeking membership of JJNP, if undertakes to abide by its vision and regulations set aforth, Note: “Donations are welcome to help”